Corporate Finance Certificate: training and certification for corporate finance practitioners in China

Corporate finance consultants (CFCs) are professionals in commercial banks, security brokerage firms, insurance companies, trust firms, asset management companies and other financial institutions who offer financial services such as financial planning, investment management, capital structure management, financial risk management and financial consultation to enterprises.  

The CFC training & certification system is an international financial certification system accredited by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) together with the ICMA Centre, University of Reading. CFC was introduced to China in 2009 by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) with the support of the China-UK Economic and Financial Dialogue and State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs special fund.

The CFC training & certification system includes three tiers of certification: Corporate Finance Comprehensive Consultant (CFCC), Corporate Finance Consultant (CFC) and Corporate Finance Specialist (CFS). The programme is run in Mandarin and is available in China through the Beijing Oriental JingRong Education Tech. Co.Ltd. (BOJC), which is closely affiliated with the training centre of the NDRC. English version certificates are issued by ICMA and the University of Reading.

Students of the Corporate Finance Comprehensive Consultant (CFCC) are required to take five thematic courses and one practical course, totaling 48 hours of study. Thematic courses include: Macroeconomics, Industry Analysis and Corporate Financial Business; Corporate Financial Analysis; Corporate Tax Planning; Corporate Financial Risk Management; Corporate Investment and Financing Planning (Integrated); Corporate Financial Consulting and Marketing Practice.

Students of the Corporate Finance Consultant (CFC) are required to take 15 courses totalling 48 hours of study, including:

  • Introductory Theory: Corporate Finance Consultant and Comprehensive Service of Financial Institutions;
  • Macroeconomics and Industrial Trends Analysis;
  • Corporate Financial Analysis;
  • Corporate Tax Planning;
  • Corporate Risk Management and Hedging Instruments Application;
  • Corporate Life Cycle and Financing Planning;
  • Corporate Financing Choice between Listing on Chinese and Overseas Stock Market and Comparative Advantage Analysis;
  • Corporate Financing Choice between Bond Financing on Chinese and Overseas Market and Cost Analysis;
  • Corporate Financing Cost and Financing Decisions;
  • Financial Market and Financial Instruments;
  • Portfolio Management and Investment Methodology;
  • Corporate Valuation;
  • Merger & Acquisition, Restructuring;
  • Corporate Cash Management and Investment Decisions;
  • Comprehensive Case Analysis.

A textbook especially for the Chinese CFC training project, "Corporate Finance Consultant Series" has been published, alongside an online training & certification system.

By the end of 2020, more than 15,000 trainees had taken part in CFC training and 9,000 of them were approved as CFC certificate holders.

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About Beijing Oriental JingRong Education Tech. Co.Ltd. (BOJC)

Beijing Oriental JingRong Education Tech. Co.Ltd. (BOJC), securities code: 837052, is the exclusive authorized training institution of ICMA in mainland China. BOJC has been organizing CFC projects for financial institutions in the past years. BOJC was formerly the corporate finance consultant (CFC) international cooperation project executive company of the training center of the NDRC. Closely cooperating with ICMA and the University of Reading, BOJC undertook training, research and development in the field of corporate finance, accumulating extensive experience in CFC training.

China Banking Association

China Banking Association (CBA) , a self-regulatory organisation, founded in May 2000, was approved by The People`s Bank of China and Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People`s Republic of China.

The purpose of CBA is to achieve the common interests among its members, performing the functions of self-discipline, rights protection, coordination and service. The Association preserves legal interests and the market order in banking areas and promotes quality and service of bank practitioners.

As of Oct 2022, CBA has 764 institutional members, including institutions of development financing, non-commercial banks, state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks, financial asset management companies, city commercial banks, private banks, rural commercial banks, rural credit cooperatives, foreign-funded banks, Taiwan-funded banks, banking associations in local areas (unions), financial leasing firms, automobile financial corporations, firms of consumer finance, money brokerage companies and wealth management companies and so forth.

High authority in CBA is its Member Representative Congress, constituted by 300 member representatives. Executive agency of the congress is Board of directors which takes responsibility for Member Representative Congress. Board of directors has the obligation to carry out the routine work.

CBA establishes 32 specialised committees and 1 representative office. Sepcialised committees cover the areas of interest rate, rural finance, law, Qualification Certificate of Banking Professional and financial leasing and so on. The 1 representative office is the UK representative office.

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