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Sustainable bond issuers database
Templates for issuers and reviewers

ICMA has entered into a partnership agreement with the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) to provide users with:

  • High level market analytics on sustainable bond issuance.
  • A database of issuers of bonds that are published in the LGX DataHub and declared by the issuer and/or an external reviewer to be aligned with the Green Bond Principles, the Social Bond Principles, the Sustainability Bond Guidelines or the Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles.

The data and analytics, provided via LuxSE’s LGX DataHub, are available under the “Market analytics” and “Sustainable bond issuers database” tabs.

Users should note that issuances in China’s domestic market and those of certain US municipalities are not covered in the database. Issuers located in Russia are not included.

Please note that the data is not updated "in real time" but on a regular basis.

The data is accessible at no cost to the users. Those wishing to have access to the full scope of data available should subscribe to the LGX DataHub. For more information, please contact lgxdatahub@luxse.com.



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Sustainable bond issuers database

Templates for issuers and reviewers

The purpose of the Sustainable Bond Issuers Database is to provide a holistic list of issuers that have issued bonds aligned with the Principles. Investors and other market participants reference this database for access to market wide issuance of green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked bonds that are GBP/SBP/SBG/SLBP aligned.

Issuers wishing to be listed in the Database must complete and forward to the Secretariat, the relevant template and form (see below), and/or must have made publicly available their external review reports.

Note to Issuers:

Pursuant to the GBP and the SBP, the use of a summary, which reflects the main characteristics of a GSS Bond or a GSS Bond programme and illustrates its key features in alignment with the four core components of the Principles, may help inform market participants. This contributes to market transparency and clarifies issuers’ alignment with the Principles.

Issuers are thus encouraged to complete the templates for all programmes or transactions for which they wish to signal alignment with the GBP/SBP/SBG/SLBP recommendations.

The Information Template enables GSS and sustainability-linked bond issuers to publicly confirm their alignment with the Principles:

The External Review Form provides a summary format for disclosure of External Review reports online. The Guidelines for External Review recommend that reviewers confirm alignment with all core components of the relevant Principles, and use the external review template as a standard feature of their reports. External Reviewers can also send their full reports to the Secretariat.

Completed templates and reviews for disclosure to the market should be sent to the Secretariat at: greenbonds@icmagroup.org, socialbonds@icmagroup.org, sustainabilitybonds@icmagroup.org.


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